A little bit about me and why I want to write here

I have an unusual relationship with alcohol. Firstly, I am not anti-alcohol. Most people drink, enjoy and have fun and I can sure testify to that. A few though, like me, end up at points in their lives struggling to draw the line, or heading that way. I would never tell anyone not to drink and I’m on balance pro-regulation (legalisation) of all drugs. But I recognise the incredibly complex role substances play in our lives, and the personal, social and political elements that affect these relationships.

Some time ago I was fortunate to be able to stop drinking when I realised alcohol had become problematic for me and I was losing control over it. This was a difficult experience but left me increasingly interested in alcohol and the human relationship with it, including my own. I was then stinent for many years following this, which seemed the best way to avoid further problems. However I was never subscribed to the view that I may never be able to drink ‘normally’ again.

Many years on, things changed for me and I no longer craved drunkenness in the way I once did. This led me after much contemplation to attempt ‘controlled drinking’. I wish to share my experiences and views openly with you all. I hope you find them interesting, and maybe leave you with some food for thought!

Read a little more in my first post ‘well, here goes’

To get in touch email me at thinkingaboutdrinking@gmail.com


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