Well, here goes…

Having a rather unusual relationship with alcohol I want to share some thoughts, experiences and comment here. I hope you may find them interesting.

I spend a lot if time thinking – personally and professionally – about how alcohol works, the role it plays in society. So here is a place I will aim to explore some hopefully interesting perspectives and stories. I’m expecting this to include an examinaton of my own past, present and future relationship with alcohol given my history of problmatic drinking. Perhaps I’ll also explore some of the goings on in the alcohol business world and government ‘harm reduction’ policies.

I should highlight though that for now I prefer to remain anonymous as the author. Mainly because I wish to keep my personal and professional identity largely separate as knowing about one often leads to false assumptions about the other. Another reason is that I want to be able to write as freely and honestly here as possible.

I recognise though it may be unfair to claim to have such an ‘unusual relationship’ with alcohol without submitting any proof. However I will summarise it very briefly, and hope that for now you can take my word for it! Additionally, many of my posts will undoubtedly reveal plenty about myself and my personal and professional experiences.

But to summarise briefly, it was my own personal experience of enjoying, misusing and then struggling to control my alcohol use that took me down an arguably interesting and unusual path. This does not mean I am anti-alcohol in any way; alcohol for most people is enjoyable, fun, relaxing and tasty!

Professionally, my work puts me in a group of researchers, commissioners, clinicians and policy makers interested in alcohol harm reduction. To start out, I should make clear we are not part of an ‘anti alcohol movement’; in fact based on my observations just as many of them drink to excess as any other group I know! But it is indeed a thrilling arena to work in – the question itself as to what role the state should play in reducing the harm caused by alcohol is itself a fascinating and highly political one. One I will undoubtedly explore further.

So I hope that’s enough for now. You can get in touch with me at thinkingaboutdrinking@gmail.com

Ciao for now!


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